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March 18, 2019
MD Agripoint Initiatives Limited addresses Farmers about Climate change
April 17, 2019

Agripoint Initiatives Limited was among the key Indigenous companies that participated in the Global Climate Finance (GCF) 2019 that was organized by ACTADE in partnership with KAS UGANDA at the Golf Course Hotel Kampala. The event was opened by Mr. Joseph Epitu from the Climate change department.

Mr. James kaweesi from the Ministry of Water and Environment presented about the existing Climate Change Finances in Uganda and how to get accredited for their access. Accessing these funds is through two different ways and that is; through Direct Access window through National Implementing Entity (NIE) as well as through the International Access Track which includes; UN-Agencies, Multilateral development Banks, International Financial Institutions and Regional institutions. NIE directly access financing and manage all aspects of climate adaptation and resilience projects, from design through implementation to monitoring and evaluation. Considerations for an entity to be considered include; Intended size, type of the enterprise and risk category of projects or activities.

Mr. Aaron Werikhe from the National Planning Authority on the other hand addressed the practical tips for project preparation. He explained to the different stake holders on how to write proposals for a company and also explained which different documents are required so as to be accredited for any support from the Government.

Agripoint on its side was positioning its self as an evidence, data and knowledge management company that is willing and able to indigenously offer evidence to other businesses so as to tap into the Global Climate Finance. The event was a success according to the different people we interacted with from the various companies. The GCF seeks to promote a paradigm shift to low-emission and Climate – Resilient development, taking into account the needs of Nations that are particularly vulnerable to Climate change impacts.

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