The AGRIPOINT online Knowledge Platform

This is the home of all Agribusiness and Value chain development Information. We collect information and manage info on farmers profiles and their production estimates per season, Cooperative profiles, sales and bulking details per season, Traders demands & trade trends, Agro-input dealers certifications, service offers and distribution channels, Implement dealers’ supply chains and product profiles & pricing, Government policies & support details, Agricultural research findings & new technologies for extension and knowledge transfer, Events, Views and News,

Information Products

  1. Market Information & Intelligence (market prices-Wholesale & retail, sales opportunities every month, Available quantities), standards for EU,AGOA, COMESA, EAC, the Q & S-Marks, etc)
  2. Agricultural Extension and Advisory – (GAP, Pests control and disease management for plant health, new technologies, climate smart Agriculture)
  3. Financial Literacy & deepening (7 core messages, Investment opportunities)
  4. Climate change Information ( Alerts, Early warning systems, forecasts)

Agripoint Foods

This is a brand where we Purchase, Process and Pack Agricultural products for local market, Regional markets and International markets. This ranges from coffee, nuts, flour, sesame, Tea, Milk, cereals, pulses and grains. Fruits and vegetables, etc

The AgDev Convention

This is an Annual Convention where we talk about the five questions in Agribusiness development: Ag-Finance, Ag-Markets, we get Markets, and we learn how to keep & sustain market (buyers Lane meets the Sellers street), Ag-Policy, Ag-knowledge, and Ag-inputs, who is facilitating Agriculture development, and who is involved in Agric-Devt.

These come together to pave a way forward, share information, lessons and create B2B collaborations. We are going to have the AgDev Convention 2019 in Kampala in September 2019

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