What we do

a) Traceable Farmer Profile & farm records Management.

This details farmers from Names, physical address, phone numbers, age, sex, land owned and opened, enterprise detail, GPS, Account number (if any), photo, their market point, seasonal production estimates and sales.

b) Cooperatives and Farmer support entities profile Management:

Agripoint Initiatives Limited has the biggest content on cooperatives and farmer congregating and support entities. We capture the farmer member detail, cooperative status and history, services, sales, storage capacity, Management details, partners and much more.

c) The profiles being managed entails details of the following and by district and services, capacity and business profile

  • Transporters
  • Traders
  • Agro-Input Dealers (this entails seed dealers, pesticide, herbicides, fungicides, insecticide dealers
  • Insurance companies that have Agricultural (crop and livestock) Insurance.
  • Banks (with Agricultural financing)
  • Government MDAs that impact Agribusiness
  • Tillage companies
  • ICT4Ag companies
And Much Moreā€¦

Agripoint Initiatives Limited identifies markets and financial products that farmers are looking for and links them with ready farmers and congregating entities.

We sign tripartite agreements as witnesses to deals that will enhance markets and financial offers for agribusiness and value chain development.

We also nature cooperatives and farmers for these future opportunities through institutionalization, group formation and management structuring, farm and enterprise records management and many more.

  • Theme-based trainings
  • Research, Content development & management
  • Workshops and knowledge sharing sessions
  • Study tours and exchange visits
  • Shows and events
  • Market surveys & Analysis of market-based Approaches e.g. The M4P
  • Trade Advisory and Investment Placements
  • Value chain studies and Analyses
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of projects and interventions
  • Funds Management
  • Capacity Building sessions
  • Product development & brands promotions

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